About us

Sparta Tacticals is a specialized manufacturer and distributor of special purpose equipment and accessories for training. Established at the end of 2016th, as a part of a group that manufactures military-police and tactical eqipment, which today  bears its name „Sparta Tacticals Group“.

In search of the ideal training equipment, our team came up with the idea to launch their own line of sports products. In 2017 we introduced the first product, leather grips, which we have brought to perfection today. We modified the original grips into 4 different species that differ in leather shape and type. In addition to leather grips, we have created over 10 products, necessary for quality training. Our equipment is being used in CrossFit, functional fitness, gymnastics and weightlifting. Having conquered the Balkan market quickly, we continue to expand to western European market and to make all our ideas and creations into a reality.

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